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Reason #1 Reach Your Career Goals Faster and with Less Effort
We Help Future Business Stars. Because this Game Changing "insider" information is so IMPACTFUL and EMPOWERING, we even help people that do not realize they can be stars. These skills are so much FUN to use at work because you will now have such a huge advantage over your co-workers and more control of your destiny. Your results will be FAST and LONG LASTING. This is PERFECT for Millennials | Job Seekers | New Hires | seasoned business professionals needing a business refresher. All successful business people know they need a skills refresher every two years. They also know that dull business skills will not cut it in this job market.
Reason #2 New Effective Skills for You - Old Ways for Them
This eBook is Different. Since EVERY internal and external business meeting (including your Manager's meetings) are Really Selling Situations, We Teach You How to Smoothly Apply Expert Professional Selling Skills and Business Skills to ALL Job Titles and Situations to helping you SUCCEED a Little More Each Work Day. These skills were rarely taught in college or even business school. Even worse, these business skills are no longer taught by companies to entry level new hires due to budget cuts. Therefore, a reason to make this small investment is that employees who learn these skills can increase or multiply their business value and effectiveness leading to more job security, more compensation and faster promotions. All things being equal, if your co-worker learns these skills and you do as well, you can compete. If your co-worker has learned these skills and you have yet to learn them, you will have to work harder to stay even. If you that learn this skills and your co-worker does did not taken the initiative to learn this skills, tips and tactics, you will have more “wins” at work and your career will progress faster with less effort.
Reason #3 Pays for Itself Quickly | Guaranteed.
Investment Options |This is an easy investment decision for anyone in the business world needing a refresher or wanting anyone wanting to increase their chances of success who is just getting into the business world. Since the investment is so small and your payoff could be thousands of dollars, an investment in yourself with this course is what is called a "no-brainer". No Risk 30 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if don't think these hundreds of actionable tips and tactics are worth your investment, we will send you a refund. We are that confident in the value of this information.


1. "We Make Future Business Stars" GreenBelt eBook (was $139) now $29.95 (most popular)


2. "We Make Future Business Stars" GreenBelt Hardcopy (was $169) now $59.95


3. "We Make Future Business Stars" BrownBelt eBook (was $249) now $105 (best value)


4. "We Make Future Business Stars" BrownBelt Hardcopy (was $279) now $135

Reason #4 Take Charge of Your Career in a Weekend | Here's How
Learn How to Speed Up Your Current Career Resulting in More Job Security and Faster Promotions. This book/eBook teaches You Real Business Skills In A Weekend That Will Leave Your Managers Impressed as You Move up the Ladder Faster Than Your Co-Workers. The CURRENT BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS will see that about half of the information will be concepts they may have heard before and half will be new. All business professionals KNOW they need to re-sharpen their business skills every two years. This course is PERFECT for keeping your skills on the Cutting Edge. They know Dull Skills will Not Cut it in this Job Market.


Reviews & Testimonials

I was one of many going on multiple interviews for this great job. I read this eBook the night before the next interview. I used one of the tactics and just went for it. It worked just like Mike said in the ebook. It was so cool! I got the offer for a $140k job at the end of the interview.

- Noel S.

I was so nervous in Interviews I would shake. After reading this course I was MUCH more confident. I started asking my pre-planed questions like the book said and I realized I had more control than I thought. I was hired the next day over 30 other candidates. I been this job for 10 months and I love it.

- Dawn B.

I took the course and added to my resume. I went on my next interview and the interviewer how people just don't have basic business skills anymore and how impressed he was that I took the initiative to learn these skills. I got the job and I believe this course helped..

- Jose R.

I was hired a few months ago and the training has comes in handy almost everyday. It's hard to believe how few people in business know this information and how to easy it is to use when no one knows what you are doing. It's fun.

- Teresa S.

I was hired by my current manager and used the manager technique in the book. After I was hired, I told my manager what I had done. He laughed and said, "I'm glad you did it.".

- Ramesh G.

Because of how I answered then interviews questions per the course, I was told I was put on the shortlist after the first interview. I am so much more confident because I know I have a skill no one else has that is interviewing and I know what to say to make an impact.

- Tenicia S.

About the Author

Mike Dunn – Senior Partner – Author

Game Changing Business An entrepreneur at heart, Mike Dunn launched his first computer training and software development business when he was just 21 years old. With Bachelor’s degrees in both Finance and Information Systems and minors in Economics and Psychology, Dunn embarked on a sales career for an IT Fortune 50 company. He soared to the top of his field, matching customers’ corporate goals and objectives to bleeding-edge technology. After becoming a self-made millionaire via his sales skills and investing, he has leveraged his 20+ years of leadership in the sales field to help others succeed through his training company, As a thought leader in Internet-related finance, Dunn has been at the forefront of recognizing and acting on game-changing strategies. He melds his expertise in sales and finance in order to quantify return on investment for what Nassim Taleb termed Black Swan Events. Dunn’s current project, Mutual Fund Marketing, focuses on helping Mutual Fund Companies leverage Social Media/Call Center and Mutual Funds sales best practices into a powerful combination to help mutual fund companies achieve and exceed their corporate metrics and goals. Copyright 2011, 2012, 2013 – All rights reserved.

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